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Er ist ein britischer Sänger der viele Talente hat.Unter anderem hat er einen nr.1 Hit Broken Strings mit Nelly Furtado.Wenn ihr weitere Informationen wissen wollt dann seit ihr hier genau richtig.Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß beim James Morrison Forum!!!

    Online Interviews


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    Online Interviews

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    Das ist ein Interview vom 10. August

    British singer opens up to Starlounge about the toughest year of his life

    He’s currently gearing up for the release of his third album ‘The Awakening’ and James Morrison says that the record is his most personal to date.

    The 26-year-old ‘You Give Me Something’ singer reveals that his latest offering was inspired by the loss of his father Paul Catchpole, who died suddenly last August after a long battle with alcohol addiction.

    “I had a depressing year, my dad died and loads of bad stuff happened, but out of it comes this album which is the best thing I’ve ever done,” he tells Starlounge.

    While some of the songs focus on his grief, James says he tried to make the tone of the album as positive as possible.

    “My favourite song is ‘In My Dreams’, it’s about what happened to my dad, but I didn’t want it to be negative.

    “It’s basically saying ‘I miss you every day, but if I go to sleep I might see you in my dreams’. I wanted it to reflect that time. It’s difficult… trying to write about how your dad died is really tough.”

    James became a father himself in 2008 when he and his long term partner Gill welcomed their daughter Elsie – now three.

    “Being a dad keeps me grounded,” he admits. “Elsie is like a teenager, she has so much attitude!”

    James, who has been with his “missus” Gill since he was 16, admits he finds it difficult to deal with the attention he receives from over-zealous female fans and hated being labelled as a hearthrob.

    “It all got out of hand for a while and I felt like it was out of my control,” he explains. “I had girls shouting ‘James! We love you James’, it was just weird. I’d rather have people listen to the music to be honest.

    “It’s fun having fit girls come down to my gigs, but I’m not really into that. While people are shouting out ‘I love you’ and ‘I want to marry you’ they’re not listening to my lyrics.”

    He insists he stays away from the whole showbiz scene and still has the same friends he had before he became successful.

    “I’m not a member of the ‘celebrity’ club,” he explains. “I think I got kicked out before I even joined.”

    James is often compared to the likes of fellow Briton James Blunt and Paolo Nutini, something which he admits he feels uncomfortable with, as well as the assumption that he is rather bland.

    “The whole nice guy image I get labelled with annoys the hell out of me,” he tells Starlounge. “I don’t want to be known as some boring, insipid ballad singer, that’s not me.

    “People compare me to James Blunt which is annoying, because I don’t think I’m like him. But I can see why they do it.

    “We have the same first name and we’re both thought of as being wet. I’m not wet, and James is an army guy so he could probably beat the hell out of me!”

    ‘The Awakening’ is James’s first release on record label Island Records, which was also the home of singer Amy Winehouse, who was found dead in her London home last month.

    “I loved Amy Winehouse, she was one of my all time favourite female vocalists,” he says. “I was mowing the lawn when I found out that she’d died and I just couldn’t believe it.

    “I met her once, she was walking by and I just had to talk to her, I told her I thought she was the most amazing singer. I had to tap her to get her attention as she seemed really dazed at the time.

    “I wish I’d written the song ‘Love is a Losing Game’. I couldn’t stop listening to it after she died.”

    James says that one of the best decisions he ever made was turning down the lead role in the movie ‘August Rush’, which he was offered shortly after his debut album ‘Undiscovered’ was released.

    “Jonathan Rhys Meyers ended up doing it instead,” he says. “I’m so glad I didn’t do it because it was cheesy as hell and totally bombed at the box office. I think that would have totally confused people and I just want to be known as a singer.

    “I hate that whole celebrity culture of selling every bit of yourself. In years to come I’d rather people be like ‘Oh there’s that guy who used to be a singer and disappeared up his own a***’.”

    The Awakening is released worldwide on September 26

    Written by Tamara Hardingham-Gill

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    Re: Online Interviews

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    Interview vom 10. August

    BRIT Award winner James Morrison is on the comeback trail, having turned his back on his second album and his biggest hit Broken Strings.

    Straight-talking James, 26, revealed that he feels he went “too pop” on his platinum-selling 2008 album Songs For You, Truths For Me.

    He says his grittier new album The Awakening, out September 26, was written for himself, rather than ­trying to have big hits.

    James, who I’ve supported since his debut You Give Me Something, told me: “I was under pressure from my record label not to make it too different from my ­debut because that had sold so well.

    “It was rushed, and I ­hated making it.

    “I hate wet music, but that’s what I’ve been ­accused of making.’’

    James also confided to not being keen on his 2008 duet with Nelly Furtado, 32, on Broken Strings.

    He fumed: “It’s far from my favourite song, because it’s not got as much feeling as my best ones.”

    His new single might be called I Won’t Let You Go but after changing record labels he’s done exactly that.

    And James added: “Polydor did a lot of great things, but I was in this box marked ‘pop star’ and a new record label emphasises that I’m different this time.”

    Written by Kim Dawson

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    Celebuzz Interview

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    Celebuzz Interview
    Welcome back to the Celebuzz Meet & Greet, where we talk with rising actors, musicians and entertainers before they hit it big. Watch out for these future A-listers!

    We here at Celebuzz are suckers for soulful voices. So, when we first heard James Morrison on our stereo, our hearts skipped a beat and we were converted to fans ever since.

    James’ new album, The Awakening, spent two weeks at the top of the UK charts while his collaboration with Jessie J received over a million views on YouTube just after a week of its release. Did we mention that most of his shows in England and Ireland have already been sold out?

    We recently had a quick chat with the British musician about his work and how it has changed since becoming a first-time father.

    How did you get your start into music?
    I sang at a bar when I was 9 and thought, “I really like this”. I was lucky that, years later, I was discovered in an open-mic night and took it from there!

    Who were your musical influences growing up?
    Stevie Wonder, Van Morrison, James Taylor, Jackie Wilson. People with great voices and a good sound!

    Walk us through your song-writing process.
    I pick a guitar up, mess around for a few hours until I find something I like, and then start sculpting the song. Sometimes, I get a lyric idea and run with that first.

    Has becoming a father changed your song-writing/performing process at all?
    Yeah, I just want to write better more meaningful songs that will stay around.

    Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the name of your new album, The Awakening.
    I felt a new sense of life and wanted to have an album title that matches it. I had already written “The Awakening” about my daughter and it just slotted right into place.

    What do you want fans to take away from your music?
    I want them to feel a relation between what they feel and what I am expressing through music — to see an honest collection of songs that are different to each other that are relatable.

    Who are you dying to collaborate with next?
    No one. Collaborations are great but take a lot of work to pull together — three collaborations are enough for me!

    Who is your music guilty pleasure?
    I never really feel guilty about listening to music. But sometimes, when I’m driving if I feel stressed out, I put the classical music station on and it makes me feel calm — and Jedward!

    If you can only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what will it be?
    Whatever album I take would become annoying if that’s all you had to listen to. I’d take a guitar instead and write a new song everyday!

    Written by Gabrielle Chung

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