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Er ist ein britischer Sänger der viele Talente hat.Unter anderem hat er einen nr.1 Hit Broken Strings mit Nelly Furtado.Wenn ihr weitere Informationen wissen wollt dann seit ihr hier genau richtig.Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß beim James Morrison Forum!!!

    If You Dont Wanna Love Me


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    If You Dont Wanna Love Me

    Beitrag  Admin am So Jan 03, 2010 9:40 am

    If You Dont Wanna Love Me

    When you lower me down,
    So deep that I
    I can't get out
    And when you're lost, lost and alone,
    Yes you'd think it was the last place,
    You'd come back for more
    If you don't want me to leave,
    Then don't push me away,
    Rather blow out the lights you can watch it all fade
    But I'm going nowhere

    I'm gonna stay
    When you just wanna fight
    When you're closing you're eyes
    'Coz you don't wanna love me
    I'm gonna stay
    You can't push me too far
    Theres no space in my heart
    Where I don't wanna love you

    And when theres no,no storm,
    and how can I, feel the calm,
    If theres nothin', nothin', nothin left to lose,
    Then what is this feelin that keeps on bringin me back to you,

    So i'm gonna stay,
    when you just wanna fight and ur closin' your eyes 'coz you dont wanna love me,
    said i'm gonna stay oh yes i will,
    you cant push me too far theres no place in my heart,
    where i dont wanna love you.

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