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Er ist ein britischer Sänger der viele Talente hat.Unter anderem hat er einen nr.1 Hit Broken Strings mit Nelly Furtado.Wenn ihr weitere Informationen wissen wollt dann seit ihr hier genau richtig.Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß beim James Morrison Forum!!!

    Sitting On A Plattform


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    Sitting On A Plattform

    Beitrag  Admin am So Jan 03, 2010 9:47 am

    Sitting On A Plattform

    Sitting on a platform
    Waiting for your train to come
    Should have been here at one
    I keep checking on my watch
    Cause there's nothing else I can do

    And when it pulls in
    You're not standing there
    Couples everywhere
    Yea I reach into my pocket
    Just to see if I got the day right

    And what I cherished in my mind
    Perhaps it never was
    I loved you because
    Your the only one to stop me wasting all my love

    But didn't I give enough
    For you to fall for me
    But maybe just a little too much
    When you were calling me
    Washing me from your hair
    I could wait around all year
    Should I, should I
    [Sitting An A Platform Lyrics On ]
    Still sitting on a platform
    Just incase you change your mind
    We can share my wine
    I kept a little back
    But it's getting kinda hard to leave

    But people at the station
    Are concerned for me
    For me honestly
    They know I'm just another fool
    Wasting all his love


    Maybe you took the plane
    Maybe you don't remember
    Maybe you just don't give a care
    For some guy sitting on a platform

    Didn't I put you up
    When it was cold for you
    Didn't I wait around
    Because you told me to

    Wash me out your hair
    Like I was never there

    Should I, should I...leave.

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